What is NwaySP (NwaySP)

NwaySP (NwaySP) is a platform that allows to create, execute, manage services (or jobs). As part of your Information System, it provides you the perfect tool make automate any action.

Big Picture of NwaySP

Why NwaySP is so worth it ?

NwaySP is base on Open standards and Frameworks to provide you with :

  • Job and Service Execution Platform.
  • Scheduler based Jobs.
  • 100 % Coded in Java 1.7 with the latest Frameworks.
  • Fully Transactional implementation.
  • Asynchronous messaging (Database and / or JMS).
  • Platform Management and Supervision using a full Ajax Based Web application.
  • Platform Supervision using detailed Log files.
  • Platform Management using Webservices.
  • Import and Export functionalities.
  • High performance : Postgres and NoSQL (Neo4j)
  • Easy Installation and Easy Configuration.
  • Scalable horizontally and vertically.
  • High Code Quality and Fully automated Tests.
  • Relational and NoSQL paradigms.

What need does it fulfil for example ?

In a company, small or big, you will be always confronted to this question : How can I be more productive ? In terms of Information System, How can I make things run automatically ?

Once you have this question, and you are ready to invest into a solution, you will need to answer another question : How and where to run the "Service" that I need to create to make your life easier ?.

Well, at this point imagine that you create you own program that will do things around. After a while, we will add other programs. These will stack up, logs will flow and soon they will be out of control.

NwaySP respond to that need by allowing you to create (Via Maven archetypes), execute and manage all the services that you will create. It set up a common developing and executing environment.


NwaySP is neither an ESB nor an EAI. These kind of tools aims to respond to integration problems whereas NwaySP is make for creating and execution of services. Do not confuse Services and Web Services. The first one is meant to provide a service and the other one does the same but through Web Standards whereas NwaySP can and should interact with them.

NwaySP is not a MOM, but uses one. MOMs provides a way to communicate asynchronously.

Working With Us

You can download it for free at this page : DOWNLOAD PAGE

We can help you to create, adapt or even modify Services. Please refer to this page for more information : PRICING

NwaySP can also be included into other bigger software with little work. Please contact us for more detail.

All softwares contain bugs, so please let us know when you find one on our bug tracker : BUG TRACER